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SAM1066 AGM 2018


Continuing our tradition of holding our AGM at the Museum of Army Flying, we (your Committee) still believe it is important to retain our links with the Museum whilst retaining an optimistic view that one day we may be able to get back on to the field. We need a minimum of 10 members to attend under the rules set out in our constitution, so please make the effort if you are relatively local. 
This year, we are advised by the Museum that they be closing at the end of October for a six month program of renovation & refurbishment, aided by a Lottery Fund Grant. So for this year, we will pull forward the AGM to the 28th October & continue to hold it at the Museum.


Annual General Meeting

Museum of Army Flying

Conference Room

Middle Wallop

October 28th 2018

14.00 hrs

1.    Welcome to members old and new for the season 2018/19

2.    Apologies for absences

3.    Chairman's report

4.    Secretary's report

5.    Membership secretary's report

6.    Treasurer's report and accounts

7.    Report on the David Baker Heritage Library, Roger Newman

8.    Election of Officers

a)    Chairman

b)    Secretary

c)    Treasurer

d)    Membership Secretary

e)    Committee Members

9.    Annual subscriptions for 2019

10.      Any other business


Any nominations for Committee positions and details of any other business to be discussed should be received by the Chairman at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Tony can be contacted on


When nominating committee members the following should be taken into consideration:


SAM 1066 is an Internet based club and therefore it is essential that all of the committee members have:


Currently the club does not own or provide such facilities necessitating that committee members provide their own. However expenses for consumables such as paper and inkjet cartridges etc. are refunded.


The following members of the present committee will be seeking re-election for 2018/2019:



Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided.


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